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Truth for Today shares perspectives on Bible truths and current events - with particular relevance to our corner. You'll also find details of upcoming events in the Black Isle area and reports of recent activities.


RECENT EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Tue, May 15, 2018 16:43:58

It was great to see the Gospel Hall full on Sunday afternoon to witness the baptism of a believer in the Lord Jesus! Thank you to all who attended. The baptism of a Christian is a solemn yet joyful occasion. The act of baptism is a dramatic and graphic picture of the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. As the believer went under the water on Sunday she was saying that she died with Christ and was buried with Christ. As she rose out of the water she was testifying that she was raised with Christ to live in 'newness of life'. These are solemn and profound truths! And yet it is a moment of joy - to publicly take a stand as a believer in the Lord Jesus and to simply obey His command. The old hymn was right: "Trust and obey, For there's no other way, To be happy in Jesus, But to trust and obey"! It is our prayer that the Lord will richly bless the young lady who took this step of willing obedience.
If you'd like to find out more about the subject, use the CONTACT tab on the Avoch Gospel Hall website to request a copy of Quick Guide to Baptism.


RECENT EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Wed, April 11, 2018 20:16:56

JOHANNA-RUTH DOBSCHINER was a young Dutch Jew whose family members were wiped out in the Nazi takeover of Holland. Hansie, as she was known, experience a number of miraculous escapes, eventually going 'underground' to wait out the war in hidiing. During these dramatic years she started reading the Bible - discovered about Jesus - and became a Christian. Her story is told in the thrilling book, "Selected to Live".

Thanks to all who attended the talk on Hansie today in Avoch. It was great to see the room filled and the evident interest. May God bless all who hear this testimony to His saving power!

BILLY GRAHAM 1918 - 2018

RECENT EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Wed, March 28, 2018 16:58:21

Thanks to everyone who came to the illustrated talk on the life and legacy of Billy Graham. It was great to see Avoch Parish Church Hall filled, and we keep praying that those who need salvation will come to Christ!

Billy Graham's life spanned a century of amazing change, yet the simple Biblical message of salvation remained powerfully the same throughout the years. Millions heard the Gospel through his preaching, and his legacy will undoubtedly continue for many years to come.


RECENT EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Wed, November 15, 2017 19:01:15


Thanks to all who attended the TeaBreak talk on Jock Troup this afternoon - standing room only!

Jock Troup was brought up in Wick, Caithness. He was converted in Dublin while serving in the Royal Naval Patrol Service. On his return to Wick he threw himself into evangelistic activities. He was by trade a cooper, making barrels for the booming herring fishing industry. This led him to Great Yarmouth in 1921, and in October that year revival broke out. Jock was preaching in the open air to crowds of young men and women, many from the north / north east of Scotland. At the close of his message many fell to the ground crying to God for mercy. The revival quickly spread among the fishing community, with thousands eventually turning to Christ for salvation.

After an evangelistic ministry which led him all over the UK and to Canada and America, Jock died in the pulpit in Washington aged 58 years. His last words were "Ye must be born again".

The influence of Jock Troup and the "Fishermen's Revival" is still felt around the coastal towns of Scotland and eastern England today. Many Christians have heard past generations talk of the wonderful days of revival when scores were soundly converted.

Jock Troup knew that nothing less than total surrender to God was required. He was a man of fervent and noisy prayer, deep faith and a boundless zeal for souls. He wept copiously, mainly in private, over the fate of the lost. He may have been a man for his times, but his God is our God today, and revival is still possible ...


RECENT EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Wed, October 25, 2017 21:47:43

Thanks to everyone who came to the Gospel service in Avoch Parish Church Hall last Sunday. It was a memorable evening! Phil Coulson, a Bible teacher and Gospel preacher, spoke about the power of the gospel message, illustrating his talk by telling how lives had been changed in India and Sri Lanka.

In India, a former snake-worshipper had been converted, and the transformation in his life was amazing. In Sri Lanka, Phil told of a tea-picker who had come face to face with death and had been gloriously saved. Finally he related how a Sri Lankan witch doctor had been delivered from the power of Satan.

We were all left with no doubt as to the power that Satan exerts over men and women - but we were also impressed with the greater power of the Gospel message! Lives and destinies across the world are being changed. The Gospel is still the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes!


RECENT EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Mon, October 16, 2017 17:26:09

Recently, we held a "Marathon Reading of the New Testament" on Inverness High Street, to commemorate the life of William Tyndale.

Tyndale's passion was to have the Bible available in a language the common people would understand. Despite opposition and persecution from the established church, Tyndale printed his first New Testament in English in 1526. Eventually this would lead to other versions being printed, and ultimately the King James Version in 1611.

He paid the ultimate price. On 6 October 1536 he was strangled and burnt at the stake as a heretic. We owe a great debt to Tyndale, and others like him. Let's value the word of God!

And how about an annual "Tyndale Day" on 6 October each year? Contact me ( if you think this would be a good idea!

Dan Crawford - A Heart for Africa

RECENT EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Wed, August 23, 2017 17:50:39

Thank you to all who came to the Tea@2 talk on Dan Crawford today!

Crawford (1870 - 1926) was an indefatigable Scot who preached the Gospel in what is now the Dem. Republic of Congo. He was a man of prodigious energy and ability - preaching, teaching, building, shepherding, translating - and was loved by thousands of African converts. They gave him the name Konga Vantu - literally "The Gatherer of the People" - as he became the gathering point for many distressed and dispossessed Congolese during the turbulent and brutal years of Belgian rule.

Dan Crawford was converted as a teenager of 17 years in Gourock. Although religious, he had never heard the Gospel clearly preached. Upon hearing of his need of salvation and being pointed to Christ, he trusted the Lord and famously stepped over a line drawn on the floor by a believer anxious to help him! From the moment of his conversion Crawford had a burning desire to tell others about the Saviour.

Two years later he accompanied F S Arnot on his return to Africa. It would be 22 years before Crawford stood again on British soil. His labours in Africa are legendary. Although he left school aged 14 with no further education, he was naturally a gifted linguist and was proficient in many African languages. He was able to present the Gospel in a way suited to the Africans of his time, and this became the subject of his fascinating book Thinking Black.

He died aged only 56 as the result of a minor accident. His body was laid to rest near the scene of his exertions, and his head was pillowed on a copy of the New Testament in the Luba language - which he himself had translated.

I think we all felt the challenge of a life lived to the full with one object - to tell others of Christ.


RECENT EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Thu, July 06, 2017 22:37:01

Thank you to Scott & Roseanne for hosting the talk "What's Next" in Ullapool last night. Many thanks also to all who attended - and for your interest and good questions!

The subject was Bible Prophecy - a brief overview of what the Bible teaches about the future. We focussed on 5 main events:

1. The RAPTURE - Jesus comes back to take His Church home to heaven

2. The TRIBULATION - a 7-years period of unparalleled catastrophe, culminating in Armageddon

3. The REVELATION - the Lord Jesus comes back to planet Earth in glory and power as King of Kings

4. The MILLENNIUM - the thousand-year reign of Christ on earth, ending in the final rebellion and the Great White Throne Judgement

5. The ETERNAL STATE - a new heaven and a new earth

Whilst the detail of prophetic events can be bewildering, it's important to have the basic framework clear in our minds. The bottom line is - God is in control, and Christ will triumph! A great encouragement for every Christian, and a stimulus to share the good news of salvation with those who don't know the Lord.

A pdf copy of the presentation is available. To receive your free copy email:

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