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Truth for Today shares perspectives on Bible truths and current events - with particular relevance to our corner. You'll also find details of upcoming events in the Black Isle area and reports of recent activities.


THINKING SCRIPTUREPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Wed, June 07, 2017 10:14:19

There is a scandal that has been around for over 2000 years. It has never made the front page of any tabloid, but has affected the lives of millions. It doesn't involve any celebs, although some are scandalized by it.

It's the scandal of the cross.

Paul, writing to the Galatians, refers to 'the offence [scandal] of the cross' (5:11). People find the cross offensive, scandalous.

Why is the cross of Christ a scandalous thing? There are a number of reasons:

1. It was a shameful death - to be crucified was the lowest, most shameful form of execution. To accept a crucified Saviour means we must swallow our pride.

2. It was a substitutionary death - when Christ died on the cross He became the substitute for all who believe in Him. The cross reminds me of my guilt and sinfulness.

3. It was a representative death - as a Christian, I died with Him. I died to sin, to self, to the world.

4. It was a judicial death - in the cross, God judged me and all that I stand for. The cross tells me that I am nothing.

Naturally, we don't like the message of the cross - and yet we need it! Whether an unbeliever or a believer, all God has to say to us is bound up in the cross.

In the very same letter to the Galatians, Paul says that he 'glories' [boasts] in the cross (6:14). What is naturally a scandalous thing has become a glorious thing!

Am I offended by the message of the cross, or do I glory in it?


UPCOMING EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Wed, May 31, 2017 14:16:47

A new monthly service begins in June, Lord willing. SUNDAY @ 6 is an informal time of hymn-singing with a short presentation followed by tea / coffee.

The subject for the next few months will be STANDING ON THE PROMISES - a look at the amazing promises God makes in the Bible, and how relying on them can change our lives.

The first service will be held on SUNDAY 4 JUNE at 6.00 pm. All are warmly invited and admission is free. The services will be held in Abie & Christine Skinner's home - Hillcrest, Braehead, AVOCH, IV9 8QL. Don't miss it!


UPCOMING EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Sat, May 20, 2017 13:03:09
2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. This illustrated talk focuses on Martin Luther, and how his beliefs and actions shook the western world. All are warmly invited to this fascinating presentation on Sunday 28 May, and free refreshments are provided. Please note the new venue: AVOCH PARISH CHURCH HALL.


UPCOMING EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Sat, May 20, 2017 12:58:46

All welcome to Sunday Tea followed by a Gospel Talk on Sunday 21 May at 4.45 pm.

The speaker is Allan Wilson from Cullen, and he will tell how he became a Christian. Don't miss it!


RECENT EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Mon, April 17, 2017 12:42:27

Thanks to everyone who attended the Easter services over the weekend. The theme was 'Easter Hymns', and we thought about "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross", "Burdens are Lifted at Calvary", and "He Lives, He Lives".

The sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, and His resurrection from the dead, are foundational truths of Christianity. If He did not die for our sins and rise from the dead, then Christianity is absolutely worthless. The message of Easter is that He did die, and rise again, and is therefore able to save us from our sins!

Let's give thanks to God today for the triumph of the resurrection, and seek opportunities to spread this wonderful message!


UPCOMING EVENTSPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Sat, April 08, 2017 10:09:26