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THINKING SCRIPTUREPosted by Douglas J H Mowat Thu, January 12, 2017 14:24:05

January can be a bleak month, after the festive season. The decorations are down, the weather's cold, and the days are still short. It takes time to get back into routine again - and, if like me you've had the flu for two weeks, it can seem a bit dreary!

January can, however, teach us valuable lessons. It's a new start, a fresh page. An opportunity to press the reset button on our lives. For me, it's also an opportunity to start a new Bible reading plan for the year. This year I'm using the One Year Bible published by Tyndale. It brings together daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, and covers the entire Bible in 12 months. Really enjoying it so far.

Part of today's reading is from Genesis 26, all about Isaac digging wells. Most will know that Abraham was famous for building altars. Jacob was famous for erecting pillars. With Isaac it's digging wells.

In the Middle East securing a reliable water supply was vital. In our lives, it is no less vital to have a refreshing supply of spiritual water. In the Bible still water often speaks of the Word of God; living (or running) water often speaks of the Spirit of God. The two cannot be separated. As I turn to the Word of God, so the Holy Spirit refreshes me and satisfies my thirst. It does, however, require some effort on my part. Digging wells has never been a desk job. May we resolve in 2017 to dig wells in the Bible and find the refreshment we need for each day. Have you sorted out your Bible reading plan yet?